Divorced & Dating At 30

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

– Author Unknown

Hi, I’m Louise. Engaged at 24, married at 25, separated at 28 and divorced by 29 – it wasn’t how I expected my life to turn out. Throw in a move from Scotland to Canada, and the journey that has followed has provided some great stories, a lot of self growth and more than one or two WTF moments. I share them here.

A Blog About A Book

As you’re maybe aware if you follow my social media, I’m writing a book! The blog inspired more writing and so what started as just the blog in book format has snowballed into a 6 year memoir of me rebuilding post-divorce and getting back into dating. Many of the stories from the blog are in the book but there’s also a lot more about my personal growth and struggle, and other areas of my life – not just the men.

To Valentine’s Or Not?

Does Valentine’s only serve to remind those of us without partners of our singledom? Or is it a day that can genuinely serve as a reminder to love ourselves?

A Snorer, A Drunk & A Trump Supporter

When one date goes badly it can be annoying but when three dates in one weekend end up in the garbage pile I can’t help but feel like I’m wasting my time. Or maybe I should just date less…

Did Someone Say Sandwiches?

You know the internet is crazy when an inanimate object slides into your DMs. And it’s even creepier when said inanimate object messages in reply to one of your instagram stories “hey, that’s my view” when you’ve posted a pic from your balcony.


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